In general, we advise our users to try to get out of the mindset of boundaries, territories, or geofences simply because they reduce the potential efficiency of the routes.

Consider this: If you have a large number of stops that straddle a fence, it may make more sense to have all of those stops served by a single driver.

Conversely, if you have a large number of orders on one side of a fence but that driver can’t handle all of them, then the fence should be redrawn to split that cluster of orders across the two drivers.

We’ve seen that people typically ask for this type of functionality for one of two reasons. The first reason is that they want to maintain driver/customer relationships.

Maintaining Driver/Customer Relationships

Let's consider this example:

Dave has been delivering to Mrs. Smith for the past 5 years and changing that would be detrimental to customer retention. This type of logic is best solved with Routific's driver skill sets functionality – something we call “Types”.

When using Routific, Mrs. Smith's Type would be called "Dave" and our algorithm would ensure that Mrs. Smith is always assigned to Dave's delivery route.

Keeping Your Driver Close to Home

The other reason we’ve seen is some drivers want to be assigned a certain region (which includes their home address) because they are planning to return home at the end of their shift, instead of going back to the depot.

Routific easily handles this by allowing you to assign a Final Destination to the driver profile. The software can calculate the most efficient route with this end address in mind.

Geofencing Isn't Hard, But...

For a bit of context, geofencing isn't actually difficult to do from our side, however we put a lot of development work into our clustering algorithm that dynamically creates these “fences” for drivers. This allows users to create routes more quickly and more efficiently compared with requiring users to create geofences.

If there’s another reason for needing geofencing, send us an email:

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