Normally, when you set time windows, Routific's algorithm will consider them as hard requirements. If Routific thinks you'll be one minute late, the stop will appear unscheduled.

Now you can schedule all your stops, even if it means you might be a late and/or your drivers have to work overtime.

Web interface users:

Check out your settings panel (top-right of your dashboard) to find the new parameters:

You can see that each parameter asks for a maximum number of minutes.

In this example, we've entered 30 minutes for 'Driver lateness.' This means drivers are allowed to work a maximum of 30 minutes overtime to accommodate stops that might have previously been unscheduled.

Likewise for 'Stop lateness', we have allowed the driver to arrive no more than 10 minutes late at each stop.

API users:

Learn how to leverage these new parameters via Routific's API documentation page.

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