When you're importing addresses into Routific with a spreadsheet for the very first time, you might see this box pop up.

This is Routific's smart mapping tool, and it's here to help you!

This box usually pops up If your spreadsheet's headers do not match our download sample.  Our smart mapping tool will do its best to import your data.

For example, Routific's ID header could easily be replaced with a header on your spreadsheet titled Customer Name. Or Routific's Duration header could match up with a header titled Service Time on your spreadsheet.

Simply click on the drop down menus under 'Your data column' and match your headers to ours.

Pro tip!

If you have more columns in your spreadsheet that you want included in your route report (or sent to your drivers via the Routific mobile app), you can create a Custom Field in our mapping tool. See the example below:

This user created a custom field called 'Eggs'.

This Custom Field will pull the information from your spreadsheet, and make sure it is included in both the route report and in the mobile app for drivers.

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