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API: Overview of the Routific API
API: Overview of the Routific API
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Welcome to the Routific API knowledge base, where you will learn about the possible ways to integrate more seamlessly with the Routific product.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of businesses – large and small – across many industries. While they all have a common need for a route optimization, they each run different internal systems.

Some needed just the barebones Routific Engine API, while others needed the full Routific solution – or something in between.

Our stack is designed API-first in a very modular way. We already use these APIs internally to power our Routific product, so why not make them available to everyone?

Here's a sample of possible usages of the Routific API:

  • Add a Routific-powered "optimize route" button to your internal dashboard

  • Get polyline data to display routes on your own maps

  • Display ETAs of the optimized routes, and update them in real-time

  • Allow manual route changes from your own dashboard

  • Use the Routific API as a real-time auto-dispatch engine

  • Hook up your backend with our API and use the beautiful Routific UI + mobile app

  • Listen to webhook events to receive real-time data from drivers on the ground

  • Use the Routific UI to build routes and push the optimized routes to your backend, so you can dispatch to your own driver app

  • Use your own dashboard, but still use the Routific mobile app.

Almost any type of integration is possible. If you don't find the documentation for it, or if you'd like assistance with the integration, send us a note at – we'll be happy to help!

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