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API: Manual Changes and Updated ETAs Throughout the Day
API: Manual Changes and Updated ETAs Throughout the Day
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This article describes an endpoint that would allow you to make manual changes to the routes from your own dashboard, update the ETAs throughout the day, and as a bonus, you can even build an ROI calculator on top of it!

The endpoint allows you to specify any manual route, and we'll calculate the total driving time, distance, and ETA to each location – and even tell you if you might be late at that location.

You should already be familiar with the basic route request API. The endpoint is at:

It accepts the same POST data as a regular route request, except it has one more key called "solution" with the value being an object of vehicle ids and their array of orders.

"stops": {...},
"drivers: {...},
"solution": {
      "driver_A": ["stop_1", "stop_2", "stop_5", "stop_4", "stop_3"]

The API will respond with the same schema as a normal route request call. However, if a driver is behind schedule and therefore one of the stops cannot be visited anymore within the time-window, we will return a "too_late: true" flag along with the visit object in the solution.

Throughout your day you may find that your ETAs need to be updated due to your drivers running ahead or behind of schedule. Using the same endpoint you can update your ETAs by sending a request to the same endpoint with a couple of small changes: you'll need to update every driver’s "start_location" to its real-time location, and the driver’s "start_time" to the current time.

Another fun exercise is to use this endpoint to build an ROI calculator, which would compare your manual routes with the Routific optimized routes and see how much time & mileage you just saved!

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