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API: Add a Route Optimization Button to Your Own Dashboard
API: Add a Route Optimization Button to Your Own Dashboard
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This guide is for you if you already have your own dispatching dashboard where you display and manually assign stops to drivers.

All you need to do is add a button on your dashboard that will call the Routific Engine API, which will take care of assigning orders to your drivers in the most optimal way.

For each API call, you’ll need to send the list of stops for the day as well as the list of drivers that you have available. Our API will then respond with the optimal allocation of the stops to the drivers in a most optimized fashion, as well as an ETA at each location. For more details on how to format your JSON, take a look at this example.

Once you’ve made your first call, you’ll need to parse the response and use that to create the routes on your dashboard.

With this approach, your entire flow doesn’t need to change a bit. You’re only taking care of the manual planning piece, saving you tons of time, and as a bonus, you’re probably cutting a ton of mileage as well!

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