Project Settings

Adjust your project settings: units, traffic, default duration, default load, overtime, and routing preferences.

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Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen to open Project Settings.

In the Project Settings panel, you can do a number of things to customize your route planning:

  • Km / Miles: Our American friends can change the unit of measurement from kilometres to miles.

  • Traffic: Use our traffic simulator slider to adjust your ETAs. How Routific's traffic simulator works.

  • Default duration: How much time is spent at each stop by default? Customize your default stop duration here, and it will be applied to all stops that do not have an individual stop duration set. By default, the default duration is set to 10 minutes.

  • Fixed departure time: Do you want to delay your driver's departure or does he/she always start driving as soon as his shift begins?

  • Auto-balance route: Do you want to split the work evenly across all your drivers? Or do you want to minimize the number of drivers you need for the day?

  • Allow late stops: Add a little more flexibility to the route plan by allowing a maximum number of minutes a driver can be late to a stop.

  • Optimize for travel time or distance: Do you want Routific to optimize for minimum travel time (minutes) or distance (km/miles)?

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