Unscheduled Stops

Stops are marked 'unscheduled' when they can't be included in your routes. Learn why, and how to avoid them.

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API users only: Learn how to leverage lateness parameters via Routific's API documentation page.

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What are Unscheduled Stops?

Stops are unassigned when they don't fit into the routes based on the parameters and information you've entered. When this happens, you'll see them in a yellow bar marked "Unscheduled".

Why Stops are Unscheduled

To see why an individual stop was unscheduled, click any of the unscheduled stops and look for the "Unscheduled stop" tag at the top of the stop details panel on the right.

To see the reasons for all unscheduled stops, click "See Unscheduled Reasons" in the orange bar.

A) "Not enough available time to fit this stop in"

What it means: Based on the parameters you set, the driver(s) don’t have enough time left to serve this stop within its time window.

How to fix it: Click “edit” below to loosen your parameters and free up more time for your driver(s). You can do any of the below or a combination of them:

B) "This stop’s types do not match with any vehicle types"

What it means:  Type tags ensure that certain stops will be assigned to certain drivers. This stop was unscheduled because its type tag didn’t match to any driver’s type tag. 

How to fix it: Make sure this stop "type" exists in at least 1 driver. If you didn't mean to set a "type", then delete it in the stop details.

C) "Not enough available capacity to fit this stop in."

What it means: The driver(s) don’t have enough vehicle capacity left to serve this stop.

How to fix it: Decrease the stop load, increase vehicle capacity, or add another driver. 

D) "No vehicle available during this stop’s time window."

What it means: The time window for this stop falls outside of all drivers' shift times.

How to fix it: Change the time window for this stop so that it falls within the drivers’ shift times, or extend the drivers' shift times to accommodate this time window.

How to Force Stops into Routes

A) Use the Force Schedule All Button

Routific will force the unscheduled stops in, and show you the efficiency tradeoffs that you are making by serving these stops given your set parameters. 

B) Manually force In unscheduled stops

If you already know where you want to force in the unscheduled stops, or if using "Insert Unscheduled" didn't work for all your unscheduled stops, just drag and drop the unscheduled stops into position on the timeline. You can drag stops in between certain stops, or you can drag them onto a driver's name to let Routific pick the spot in the route.

Need help? Send us a message by clicking "Help" in the bottom left corner of Routific, or email us at support@routific.com. 

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