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Why Some Stops are Unscheduled

Stops are unassigned when they don't fit into the routes based on the parameters and data you've entered. When this happens, you'll see them in a yellow bar marked "Unscheduled".

These are factors that can contribute to a stop being unscheduled:

  • The stop's delivery time window can't be met
  • The stop duration is too long and can't be fitted in
  • There isn't enough driver overtime allowed to make the delivery
  • There isn't enough of a late time allowance to make the delivery
  • The drivers' shift times are too short
  • There aren't enough drivers to complete all deliveries
  • The stop has a type assigned that is preventing it from being assigned to drivers, or vice versa
  • The stop is so far away that the drivers can't get to it in time

How to Schedule Unscheduled Stops

A) Adjust Your Route to Accommodate More Stops

There are a few things you could do to allow your route to accommodate more stops.

  • Be more flexible with time windows (in stop details)
  • Reduce the stop duration (in stop details)
  • Increase the amount of driver overtime allowed (in project settings)
  • Increase how long a driver is allowed to be late to a stop (in project settings)
  • Extend drivers' shift times (in driver details)
  • Add an extra driver, if you have any available
  • Check the stop and driver types (in stop and driver details)
  • Check if you have any stops that are really far away

B) Use the "Insert Unscheduled" Function

If you want to try to force-insert all your unscheduled stops, click "Insert Unscheduled" on the right side of the yellow bar of unscheduled stops. Routific will try to force in as many unscheduled stops as possible.

C) Manually Force In Unscheduled Stops

If you already know where you want to force insert the unscheduled stops, or if using "Insert Unscheduled" didn't work for all your unscheduled stops, just drag and drop the unscheduled stops into position on the timeline.

Need Help?

If you can't insert unscheduled stops after you've tried these things, please contact our Support team. We'd be happy to assist and take a look at your project!

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