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Routific's Traffic Simulator
Routific's Traffic Simulator

Routific's traffic simulator helps you plan for traffic on your route.

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Routific has a built-in Traffic Simulator, which you can increase or decrease in intensity based on your knowledge of traffic in your region.ย 

You can find it in your Settings panel at the top-right of the Dispatcher View. Just use the slider to adjust the average amount of traffic you expect for these routes.

Does the Traffic Simulator Use Live Traffic Data?

No, the Traffic Simulator does not use live traffic data like Google Maps does. It is based on traffic data from an open-source map provider called OSM (Open Street Maps).

Drivers Get Google Maps Directions (with Live Traffic!)

Routific's mobile app gives drivers a Google Maps link. This link is used for navigation between stops. These Google Maps directions are entirely separate from Routific, and come straight from Google Maps, therefore the directions do use live traffic data.

So, even though the route that Routific generates for you is an estimated route that doesn't use live traffic estimations, your drivers will never be without live traffic when they're driving from stop to stop.

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