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Resources for those using Routific's web user interface

Routific User Training ManualThis short guide will teach you how to use Routific in 5 easy steps.
Routific Driver App Training ManualA guide to help drivers use the Routific Driver mobile app

Multi Select ToolMake bulk edits to your routes based on the their location on the map
How to setup driver territoriesAssign stops to specific drivers based on their territory using the Multi Select Tool
How to swap routes between driversWant to assign an entire route to another driver? Do it in two clicks.
Exploring the Timeline ViewIf your map is full routes, it might be difficult to see all your stops and drivers.
Project SettingsAdjust your project settings: units, traffic, default duration, default load, overtime, and routing preferences.
Fleet "Capacity" and "Time"Get a quick overview of your fleet's total utilization.
How to Make Changes to Your RoutesMake manual edits to your routes and stops.
Make Last-Minute Changes to Routes After DispatchMake changes to routes that have already been sent to drivers. Live Tracking is required.
How to Reverse a RouteReverse the order of your stops in one click.
Locking Routes to Prevent ChangesLock the routes you want to keep the same so that you can re-optimize the remaining routes without changing your locked routes.
How to Make a Route a Round TripSet start addresses and end addresses for your drivers to make it a round trip.
How to Distribute Stops More Evenly Across DriversYou want the work to be more evenly divided across your fleet of drivers. Here are 2 ways to do it.
Make Driver Shift Times FlexibleAllow drivers to start and end later than their set availability.
Routific's Traffic SimulatorRoutific's traffic simulator helps you plan for traffic on your route.
How to Route OvernightHere's how you can run routes through the night, and over multiple days.
How to Avoid Tolls, Highways, or FerriesRoutific can help you avoid tolls and ferries
Can I stop or undo an optimization or a dispatched route?No, once you click "Optimize", you cannot force stop the optimization process.