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Per-Vehicle Pricing

Routific's subscription cost is calculated per vehicle. You want to subscribe the number of vehicles that will be out completing delivery routes at the same time. If your fleet sizes fluctuate, you can change the number of vehicles you subscribe any time.

Example: If your company owns 8 delivery vehicles, but you only ever use 6 vehicles at a time (only 6 are out making deliveries and completing routes at the same time), then you'll subscribe 6 vehicles.

Monthly vs. Annual Billing

You have the option of being billed monthly or annually.

If you select the monthly billing option on any plan, the credit card you provided will be automatically charged at the start of each monthly billing cycle. This option gives you the most flexibility, and allows you to cancel your subscription any time (there's no minimum term). 

If you select the annual billing option on any plan, the credit card you provided will be charged the full annual amount upfront. Your next charge will happen the following year when your annual billing cycle starts again.

How will I know if a payment fails?

If the initial payment for an invoice fails, the payment will be automatically retried 3 more times. Each time a payment fails, you will receive an email and an in-app pop-up.

If an invoice remains unpaid for more than 28 days, the subscription is automatically cancelled, and the account is suspended. To reactivate the account, log into Routific and follow the prompt.

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