The Live Tracking feature is required in order to make changes to routes after dispatching to drivers.

Make sure you're in "Plan" mode, and not "Live" mode. If you're in "Live" mode, toggle over to "Plan" mode.

In "Plan" mode, you can:

  • Delete stops

  • Update stop information

  • Add new stops

  • Add new drivers

  • Delete drivers

Delete Stops, Update Stops, or Add Stops

Again, make sure you're in 'Plan' mode.

Open a stop's details by clicking on the stop in the timeline, by clicking the stop on the map, or by searching for it in the top right.

  • "Edit" - Update the stop information.

  • "Unschedule" - Unschedule this stop from your routes. This will move the stop into the yellow "Unscheduled" bar.

  • Trash can icon - Delete this stop.

To add new stops, open the "Stops" tab. Click the "+" icon at the top to add new stops. Note you can also edit or delete stops from the "Stops" tab.

If you had any unscheduled stops, you can insert them in "Plan" mode by dragging them individually into a route, or by clicking "Insert Unscheduled" to add them all.

Delete Drivers or Add New Drivers

Again, make sure you're in 'Plan' mode.

Open the "Drivers" tab. Click the "+" icon at the top to add a new driver. Click the pencil icon next to any driver to delete them. 

Note: You cannot edit a driver's information once they start their routes.

Always Publish Your Changes After

Any changes you make aren't officially published to your drivers until you click "Publish Changes". You'll know you have unpublished changes when there's a red notification icon.

Driver Notifications

If you've made changes to a driver's route and re-dispatched, our app will automatically refresh and update to reflect those changes.

How Last Minute Changes Affect Customer Notifications

Planned Delivery: Updated ETA

This notification lets your customers know if the driver can't make the delivery within the originally estimated time window given in the Planned ETA notification.

This template shares its time window with the Planned ETA template.

Trigger: This notification is triggered only if the customer's ETA moves outside of the original time window given in the Planned ETA notification. This can happen if a driver does their route faster or slower than originally expected, or when the dispatcher re-publishes routes that change the ETA to be outside of the original window. Customers can receive this multiple times.

Learn more about Customer Notifications here.

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