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How to swap routes between drivers
How to swap routes between drivers

Want to assign an entire route to another driver? Do it in two clicks.

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After you've optimized routes, you might notice one route is better suited to another driver.

How do you "swap" one route from one driver to another?

Routific can help you do this in just two easy steps.

1) Click on the icon to the right of the driver's name. The icon has two little people and circular arrows above and below the figures.

2) When you click, a little pop-up menu will appear.

The blue check mark indicates the driver's route you will be swapping. In this case, it is Andrade's route.

You'll see the names of your other drivers. Choose the driver you want the route to be re-assigned to. In this example, we are swapping Andrade's route with Oscar's.

Once you select the other driver, you're done!

You'll see confirmation on the page that Andrade's route has been successfully swapped.

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