If you want to make some manual adjustments, simply select a stop, and drag and drop it to the new position.

Pro tip!

If you'd like to reassign a stop to another driver, but want Routific to choose the optimal time for you, drag the stop to the driver's name and release. Routific will slot the stop in the best position.

Moving Multiple Stops

To move multiple stops at a time, hold SHIFT down while you select the stops you want to move.

Inserting unscheduled stops

You can drag and drop unscheduled stops into your routes in the same fashion.

To select multiple unscheduled stops, just hold SHIFT and select.

Remember: you can drag stops directly into the routes OR drag stops to the driver's name and let Routific slot them into the most optimal position. 

Re-optimize Route

After you've made a bunch of changes to the routes, you might want to let Routific re-shuffle your stops into an optimal order. Click this button to see the magic happen.

Learn how to make last-minute changes to routes.

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