You can make manual adjustments to your routes as much as you want before dispatching. After dispatching, you can only make changes to your routes if you have Live Tracking enabled in your subscription.

Drag and Drop Stops

If you want to make some manual adjustments, simply select a stop, and drag and drop it to its new position.

If you want to reassign a stop to another driver, but want Routific to choose the optimal time for you, drag and drop the stop onto the driver's name. Routific will slot the stop in the best position.

Move Multiple Stops

To move multiple stops at a time, hold Shift on your keyboard down while you select the stops you want to move.

Insert Unscheduled Stops

You can drag and drop unscheduled stops into your routes in the same fashion as described above.

Reoptimize Route

If you want Routific to re-shuffle your routes after you've made some changes, just click the "Reoptimize" button to see the magic happen. To keep certain routes as they are and stop them from being re-optimized, you can lock routes!

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