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Make Driver Shift Times Flexible
Make Driver Shift Times Flexible

Allow drivers to start and end later than their set availability.

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If your drivers have shift times (like below) but they aren't required to start exactly at the shift start time or end exactly at the shift end time, then you can let Routific determine the best start and end times for your drivers.

Note: This only applies to drivers with shift times filled out (like above). If a driver's shift times are empty, then by default Routific will set the route to start at 12 am in the morning on the project date (allowing drivers to determine their own start time).

How Flexible Shift Times Work

Projects have a "Fixed Departure Time" setting (by default, this setting is on). When this is on, you require drivers to leave exactly at their specified shift start time. When this is off, you allow drivers to leave later than their shift start time, IF it minimizes their total working time. In either case, drivers are never scheduled to start before their shift start time.

Projects also have a "Driver Overtime" setting (by default, this is set to 10 minutes). This number is the maximum amount of time that any driver is allowed to work overtime, past their set shift end time.

How to Make Shift Times Flexible

  1.  Open your settings panel (gear icon in the top-right of the screen).

  2. To set a flexible start time, turn off "Fixed Departure Time".

  3. To adjust the amount of time drivers can work overtime, change the number for "Driver Overtime".

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