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How to Add Drivers in Routific

Add your driver profiles one-by-one, or upload a spreadsheet.

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You can add your drivers in Routific either by entering them one by one, or by uploading a spreadsheet with your driver information.

1. Add Drivers One-by-One

Open the "Drivers" tab. Click on the first icon to add a driver profile.

2. Upload a Spreadsheet

Open the "Drivers" tab. Click on the second icon to upload a spreadsheet file. This can either be a CSV or an XLS file.

How to Format Your Spreadsheet

The image below shows what a driver spreadsheet should look like. You can download it here.

What Each Column Means

  • ID (Required) - Basically, this is where you put your driver's name.

  • Start Address (Required) - Where your drivers start their routes.

  • End Address (Optional) - Where your drivers end their routes. Fill this in if you want to make it a round trip.

  • Shift Start / Shift End (Optional) - Working hours of your drivers.

  • Capacity (Optional) - You can set the capacity of your vehicle, and this corresponds with the loads you set for each stop. Learn about delivery loads and driver capacities.

  • Types (Optional) - Types allow you to assign certain stops to certain drivers. If you assign drivers a type, you must make sure you assign corresponding types to stops. Learn about stop and driver "types".

  • Break Stop / Break End (Optional) - Indicate what time the break should stop and end.

  • Driver Speed (Optional) - You may upload an additional column called Driving Speed in your spreadsheet. Learn about driver speeds.

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