Each "project" on Routific is a set of routes for a specific day.

The options for any project can be found by hovering over the project name.

"Create New"

This allows you to create a new project and plan new routes from scratch.

Every Project is tied to a date. Select a date in the calendar, enter your project name, then hit 'Submit'.


This allows you to rename your projects (and re-select a date for un-dispatched projects).


Open routes you planned in the past. The majority of Routific users plan multiple routes in advance, and then load them up when they're ready to execute. Select a date to show all the projects set for that date.

"Save A Copy"

You can make a copy of any project! Simply hover over the project name and select "Save a Copy". Enter a new name and date for this duplicate project. Once you click "Submit", Routific will copy your routes into a new project. This is especially helpful for planning repetitive routes, or for keeping a record of all your routes.

Note: You can't edit routes in a past project in Routific. If you're trying to do so, just duplicate the project with "Save a Copy", and continue planning. Now you have both days' routes for your records!


Erase a project from your account. Once a project is deleted it cannot be recovered, so be careful when deleting projects!

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