Our full privacy policy can be found on our website, Routific.com.

We've highlighted a few points below that are especially relevant:

When using Routific's product and services, you provide information about your customer and drivers, such as their contact information and where they are located. For example, when you are planning routes you tell us who your customers are and where you deliver to them. You also provide contact and location information on your drivers making the deliveries.

We use the above information about your customers and drivers to provide Routific's products and services to you. It's important to note that when using the Routific Driver mobile app, we also track the live GPS location of your drivers so you are able to track their progress as they carry out deliveries.

This information is retained until either your account or information uploaded into your account is deleted. You may delete information about your customers and drivers at any time within our app. You may also request that we delete your account, if you no longer plan to use Routific.

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