Routific has two mobile apps for drivers: Routific Driver and Routific Driver Lite. Both apps are free, and included in your monthly subscription at no extra charge.

Routific Driver

Even though this mobile app tracks your GPS location, GPS data usage is very low and will not impact your phone's data plan significantly. The same goes for uploading photos into the app as proof-of-delivery. Our engineers have lowered the image quality and resolution to ensure low data usage.

Assuming your drivers work 20 days a month and upload a picture for every delivery, data usage would still be less than 1GB/month by rough estimates.

Routific Driver Lite

This mobile app doesn't use your GPS location, so it sends very small amounts of data to your phone. Obviously, the more stops your drivers make, the more data will be used. On average, we estimate no more than 3 MB per day. Refreshing the page draws on more data, so we advise refraining from refreshing the page if you don't have to.

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