With Types you can ensure that only certain drivers will serve specific kinds of stops. For instance:

  1. You have customers who prefer to be served by a particular delivery driver.
  2. You have drivers who have specific skills for certain jobs.
  3. You have vehicles that can only be assigned certain stops because of height, weight, or equipment, for example.

I'll use example 3 in the workflow below.

In my Driver profile, I've indicated that our driver Youmi is operating a refrigerated vehicle.

Make sure you press 'Enter' so that the blue text box appears.

Enter a Type or a skill and press enter so that a blue text box appears.

REMEMBER: If you assign drivers a Type, you must make sure you assign corresponding Types to stops.

Here's how:

In your spreadsheet, create a "Types" column and indicate which stop requires a visit from Youmi's Refrigerated delivery vehicle. Note that Refrigerated is written with a capital "R" to exactly match the Driver profile.

Create a "Types" column in your spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you can go into the stops manually and type in the Types (and then press Enter), like so:

Enter your Types tag exactly as you have in the Driver profile. Now all stops tagged with "Refrigerated" will be assigned to Youmi.

Note: Adding a Type to your driver ensures that he or she will be able to service additional stops of that Type, but the driver will still get other stops that do not have Types set. 


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