If your route is already live (ie. your drivers are already out the door!), simply toggle to 'Plan' mode.

From there, you can:

  • delete stops
  • delete drivers
  • update stop information
  • add new stops
  • add a new driver

Deleting Stops, Updating Stops

Make sure you're in 'Plan' mode.

Click on stops in the Timeline and a white card will pop up on the map.

Click the pencil icon to update stops.


Click the calendar icon to move the stop to the 'Unscheduled' bar. (Essentially removing this stop from your existing routes.)

Add new stops and new drivers

Again, make sure you're in 'Plan' mode.

To add new stops or new drivers, you should click on the tabs at the top of your screen.

In the above example, we've clicked on the Stops tab and highlighted where you can change or delete the stop. To add a new stop, click on the '+' sign.

The Driver's tab looks very similar. See below.

Any changes you've made will impact your routes, which have already been dispatched to your drivers. You'll get a pop-up message, reminding you that changes will be automatically dispatched to your drivers in the field:

Click 'Yes' and toggle back to 'Live' mode.

Back in 'Live' Mode

Depending on the changes you made, you may see a yellow bar at the top of your Timeline indicating you have new stops that need to be inserted into your routes.

Click 'Insert unscheduled' so Routific can insert these new stops into your existing routes.

***Remember to 'Save & Update' so the changes can be dispatched to your drivers.***

Driver Notifications

If you've made changes to a driver's route and re-dispatched, our app will automatically refresh and update to reflect those changes. There's no need for your driver to refresh or click on the new SMS.

If you've made a change to the driver's next stop, he/she will see this:

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