To help improve the accuracy of the addresses you enter into Routific, we've built a feature that allows you to audit and correct addresses.

This feature kicks in when:

a) We cannot find an address (address is invalid)


b) We find multiple addresses for one stop

How to correct invalid addresses

1) When we cannot find an address, Routific considers this an invalid stop and this pop-up will appear. Click 'Ok' to proceed.

2) Click on 'Invalid Address'

3) You'll now have the opportunity to correct the invalid address. Start typing in the search box and select the address of your choice.

If none of the addresses shown in the dropdown look right, hit enter or click the magnifying glass. We will return a list of addresses based on the key words you've entered.

Click 'Update Address' when you're done.

When Multiple Addresses are found

Sometimes, we find multiple addresses for a single stop. When this is the case, Routific will put a green question mark beside the stop.

1) Click on green question mark and you will be able to do a quick visual check on the map to see where it has been plotted.

You can also click on the address and correct it right away.

2) Based on the map view, you can determine if the stop has been plotted correctly. Click on the address and you'll have the chance to correct it.

3) Select the correct address and click 'Update Address'.

If none of the addresses shown look right, you can type a new address in the search box.

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