You should make it a habit to save your routes every day.

Saving routes allows you to

  • plan routes ahead of time and recall them at a moment's notice
  • have a record of your historical routes
  • compare and contrast routes

You can get started by navigating to the top-left of your screen.

Create New

This allows you to create a new 'Project' so you don't keep over-writing your routes. Do this every time you want to plan new routes.

Every Project is tied to a date. Select a date in the calendar, key in your Project name, then hit 'Submit'.


Pretty self-explanatory. Rename your route projects however you please.


Call up routes you planned in the past. Plan routes in advance and load them up when you're ready to execute.

Save as

You can duplicate the same project over to another day by selecting 'Save as.'


Erase a route from your account.

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