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You have the option of downloading your route solution

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Before Deliveries: Downloading a Route Manifest

Some dispatchers and delivery drivers like to have a hard copy of their routes.

After the dispatcher has optimized routes, they can click 'Download Summary'.

You'll get 2 CSV files in the download:

1) Route solution: a list of stops for your route

2) Route summary: summary of your driver workload

After Deliveries: Downloading a Record

Some delivery companies want to be able to download a record of how the delivery routes were carried out.

After the routes have been completed, dispatchers can once again click 'Download Summary'.

If you have Live Tracking enabled, the Route solution CSV file will contain additional information, including:

  • Stop Status (whether the stop was completed or skipped)

  • Completion/Skipped Time (what time the stop was completed or skipped)

  • Skipped Reason

  • Driver Notes

  • Photo URL (a link to view proof of delivery photo)

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