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Photo + Signature Capture

Capture photos and collect signatures as proof of delivery.

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Routific has two mobile apps for drivers: Routific Driver and Routific Driver Lite. Both apps are free, and included in your monthly subscription at no extra charge.

Routific Driver allows drivers to take photos and collect signatures.

Routific Driver Lite allows drivers to collect signatures only.

To use proof of delivery features (photo/signature capture) on either mobile app, you must have access to Live Tracking, which is only available with the Professional Plan.

Please continue to learn how each feature works:

Routific Driver: Photo + Signature Capture

When your driver taps 'Complete' for each stop, they will have the option to take a photo and/or collect a signature:

A few things to note:

  • Adding a photo will allow the driver to access the mobile phone's camera

  • The photo doesn't save on the device. This way, it doesn't take up space on the phone and it keeps customer information secure.

  • Only one photo can be uploaded for each delivery

Where can I find the proof of delivery photo?

There are several places you can find the proof of delivery photos your driver uploaded:

  1. Dispatcher View

Both the photos and the signatures will then be sent to Routific's Dispatcher View, and can be viewed either in the notifications panel on the upper-right:

Or when you click on each stop:

2. Route Solution

A link to the photo is included in the Route Solution, if you choose to download it. Learn how to download and print routes.

3. Delivery Tracking Link

The photo will also appear in the Delivery Tracking Link you send to customers. Learn more about this feature here.

Routific Driver Lite: Collect Customer Signatures Only

When drivers tap "Arrive" to mark a stop complete, they'll have the option to collect a customer signature.

Tapping on "Get Signature" will bring up a white screen where drivers can collect signatures as confirmation of delivery, right on their phone screens.

Once the customer has signed, the driver can confirm the stop to save the signature and stop confirmation details.

Viewing Customer Signatures as a Dispatcher

As a dispatcher, you can view the signatures your drivers have captured on Routific's Dispatcher View. You can find them by clicking the stop in the timeline, or on the map.

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