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How to Distribute Stops More Evenly Across Drivers
How to Distribute Stops More Evenly Across Drivers

You want the work to be more evenly divided across your fleet of drivers. Here are 2 ways to do it.

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If you want to divvy up the work across your drivers, but still value optimality in the route (ie. minimizing driving time for your fleet), go for Option 1 below.

If balancing your routes perfectly is important to you, go for Option 2 below.

Option 1: Turn On Auto-Balancing

Your project Settings (gear icon in the top-right of Routific's Dispatcher View) has an Auto-Balance feature.

Turn it on, and Routific will do its best to distribute stops without compromising optimality.

Turn it off, and Routific will maximize the capacity of your fleet and present the most optimal routes.

How Does Routific Balance Routes?

Let us explain how we calculate a 'balanced' route:

We take the number of total stops, divide that by the number of drivers, and set that to be the minimum number of stops per vehicle.

But since we want the solution to stay as optimal as possible, we actually scale the minimum number of stops per vehicle down by 70%. This way, each vehicle has a minimum number of stops, but the extra stops on top of that can be distributed in a way that minimizes driving time.

Option 2: Use Loads & Capacities

If you absolutely must have evenly distributed stops, you can do this through the load capacity feature.

For instance: if you have 15 orders and 3 drivers, set each driver’s load capacity to 5. If the load for each of your stops is set as 1, each driver will be limited to 5 stops.

Note: Make sure you pay attention to how this affects the overall driving distance.

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