Routes are automatically dispatched via SMS text message to smart phones (Android & iOS). Click "Routific Mobile" and the app will open directly in your web browser.


The mobile app design is intentionally simple and intuitive, so drivers of all ages and technical skill levels can use it effectively.

Drivers can be sent multiple routes, and have the option to select the appropriate route for the day by tapping on 'ROUTES'.

The driver can also follow routes via two different views:

1) As a 'STOP LIST'

2) As a 'MAP'


Tap ✔️️ when a stop is complete

Tap the ✖️️ to mark a stop incomplete

Tap 'Directions' for turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps

'More Info' will allow drivers to learn more about the stop, including delivery notes

Drivers know if they are running behind schedule or ahead of schedule with up-to-date ETAs.

Note: Marking a stop complete and incomplete will automatically update the 'Live Tracking' dashboard. From there, you can monitor your drivers' progress.


When drivers tap ✔️️ to mark a stop complete, they'll have the option to 'Get Signature' and/or take some notes.

Tapping on 'Get Signature' will bring up a white screen where drivers can collect signatures as confirmation of delivery.

Once the customer has signed, tap 'Finish' and follow the prompts to 'Confirm Completion'.

Note: Signatures and notes will be sent to the Routific dashboard for the dispatcher to see in the Notifications feed and in the Live Tracking view when hovering over stops.

Captured signatures can be viewed in the Notifications feed at the top-right of the dashboard.

Captured signatures can also be viewed in Live mode by hovering over stops on the map or on the Timeline.


 When drivers tap ✖️️ to mark a stop incomplete, a window will pop up allowing them to give reasons why.

Drivers can select a reason, and enter in any notes or comments. This message will be relayed back to the dispatcher's screen.

Drivers must tap 'Skip It' to resume their route.

Learn more about dispatching routes.
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