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Custom Fields and How to Add Them
Custom Fields and How to Add Them

Use custom fields to record and share all your customers’ delivery information with your drivers.

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If you have information that you want to record or share with drivers, but it doesn’t fit into any of the existing fields in Routific, just add custom fields. 

We often see custom fields being used to share information like apartment numbers, buzzer numbers, order numbers, delivery instructions, or internal customer notes.

Note: Custom fields are added when uploading a spreadsheet to the Stops section or uploading a spreadsheet to the Customer Profiles section. It is not possible to create custom fields when manually adding stops one-by-one in Routific.

How to add custom fields:

  1. In your spreadsheet, add as many extra columns as you need.

  2. Upload your spreadsheet into Routific.

  3. In the "Map Your Data" window, match your spreadsheet column titles to the Routific titles.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click “Add New Field”. Name your custom field, and match it to the name of the corresponding column in your spreadsheet. Do this as many times as you need.

Example: Stop Order as a Custom Field

Setting up Order Number as a new field:

Order Number is now stored in Routific. It will also show up in your downloaded downloaded route solution. You can edit the stop Order Number in the "Stops" tab in Routific's Dispatcher View. 

You can also search for your Order Number:

The Order Number also appears on the driver mobile app:

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