With Routific, you can:

  • lock individual routes (by clicking on the 🔒 beside the Driver's name)
  • lock/unlock all routes (by clicking on the 🔒 in the top bar)

When you lock some of your routes, you may continue to change or adjust parameters on the remaining unlocked routes.

However, please remember those adjustments will not affect your locked routes. For example:

  • you cannot drag and drop stops into locked routes
  • you cannot edit stops or drivers belonging to locked routes
  • you cannot lock or unlock routes in Live mode
  • when re-optimizing, the changes will not affect locked routes
  • when inserting unscheduled stop, locked routes will not be affected (see GIF below)

Here's an example of how you can leverage the power of locking routes:

Let's say you have 20 optimized routes, and you are satisfied with 17 of those routes.

You can lock all routes, then unlock the three routes you'd like to change.

Click "Reoptimize" and let the algorithm reshuffle the three unlocked routes. You can rest assured the 17 locked routes you are happy will stay untouched!

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