Navigate to your Drivers tab and click on the second icon to upload a CSV.

Similar to how you'd upload your stops, you can drag and drop a CSV file into the grey box or select the file from your computer, or manually input the drivers.

If you need to know what the Driver CSV should look like, download a sample, or take a look at the image below.

Driver Parameters

  • ID - Basically, this is where you put your driver's name.
  • Start Address / End Address - Where your drivers start and end their routes. You can leave End Address blank if you don't need to make it a round trip, but all drivers must have a Start Address.
  • Shift Start / Shift End (Optional) - Working hours of your drivers.
  • Capacity (Optional) - You can set the capacity of your vehicle, and this corresponds with the loads you set for each stop. Learn more about loads and capacities here.
  • Phone (Optional) - You can include driver phone numbers here so you don't need to manually input them in the driver profile tab. Note: You must include driver phone numbers if you want to use Routific's mobile app and live tracking feature.
  • Types (Optional) - Types allow you to assign certain stops to certain drivers. If you assign drivers a type, you must make sure you assign corresponding types to stops. Learn more about Types here.
  • Break Stop / Break End (Optional) - Indicate what time the break should stop and end.
  • Driver Speed (Optional) - You may upload an additional column called Driving Speed in your CSV. Learn more about driver speeds here.
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