If you have information that you want to include in your route planning, you can add custom fields in your spreadsheet. You can upload this information to your Routific dashboard, and it will be sent to your driver's mobile app.

  1. Create your spreadsheet by following this guide.
  2. Add an extra column with your custom field. (In the example below, the custom field is titled Order Number)
  3. Upload your spreadsheet into Routific

4. Click 'Add New Field' in the CSV pop-up and map it to your new custom field. (In this case, the user created a custom field called Order Number.)

This Custom Field will pull the information from your spreadsheet and appear on your dashboard, in your downloaded route solution, and in the mobile app for drivers.

Order Number appears on your dashboard in the Stops view:

You can also search for your Order Number on your Map view:

The Order Number also appears on the driver mobile app:

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