Our live tracking feature tracks your driver's progress as he/she interacts with Routific's mobile app. The interactions include: 

  • marking stops as completed¬†
  • marking skipped stops + the reason for skipping
  • leaving notes for each stop
  • collecting customer signatures¬†

Drivers must use Routific's mobile web app for Live Tracking to be successful.

Note: If you've planned routes in advance, you'll see a count down on the top-right of your screen letting you know when Live Tracking will become available.

Routific LIVE

The live dashboard will appear when it's time for your drivers to hit the road and only after you've dispatched the routes successfully.

  • The vertical blue line indicates the current time. This line will move as time passes.
  • Green boxes are completed stops. When your driver taps 'COMPLETE' on his app, his progress is automatically logged here.
  • Red boxes are incomplete stops. When you driver taps 'SKIP' on his app, his progress is automatically logged here.
  • Yellow boxes mean the stop was completed, but the driver was late. Being late means deliveries were made outside of the original time-windows.

Need to make changes mid-day?

No worries. Just toggle to 'Plan' mode to make changes to routes.

When you're finished with the changes, make sure you click 'Save & Update' before toggling back to Live mode.

Click 'Save & Update'.

Your drivers will receive a notification on their phones that the route has changed.

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