There are a few reasons why this happens. You can start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do you want to be more flexible with your delivery time windows?
  • Do you need more drivers today? Will adding an extra driver help?
  • Are the driver shift times correct? Do you need to extend a driver’s shift to accommodate all the stops?
  • How long are your stop durations?

(You can adjust durations for each stop in your CSV upload or apply default durations for all stops in your Settings panel.)

  • Do you have too many stops with the same time windows? Are the time windows too tight?
  • Do you have any “Types” associated with the stops that are preventing them from being assigned to drivers?
  • Are any of your Stops so far out, that the drivers can't get to it?

If the stops are still coming up unscheduled after you’ve checked these things over, please contact our Support team. We are happy to assist!

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