Proof of Delivery with Customer Signatures

Your driver can capture signatures using Routific's mobile app.

They don't need to download anything onto their phone! This runs inside Routific's mobile app, which runs on any phone's web browser. Customers can sign right on your drivers' phone screens.

How It Works

When drivers tap "Arrive" to mark a stop complete, they'll have the option to collect a customer signature. If you have Live Tracking enabled on your subscription, then you'll also be able to take notes.

Tapping on "Get Signature" will bring up a white screen where drivers can collect signatures as confirmation of delivery, right on their phone screens.

Once the customer has signed, the driver can confirm the stop to save the signature and stop confirmation details.

Viewing Customer Signatures as a Dispatcher

As a dispatcher, you can view the signatures your drivers have captured on your dashboard. You can find them by clicking the stop in the timeline, or on the map.

Captured signatures can also be viewed in the notifications.

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