** Note: Email Customer Notifications are being rolled out to customers over the next few months. If you currently don't have access to this feature, but would like to add it your account, please contact us via the blue chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Automatically send email notifications to your customers to let them know when to expect a delivery, when it’s on its way and a confirmation when it’s been completed. To get started, simply complete a one-time setup of your email preferences and add email addresses to their respective Customer Profiles.

Setup your automated customer notifications in 5 steps:

  1. Setup notification settings
  2. Turn on your email notifications
  3. Customize your email notification templates
  4. Add email addresses to your Customer Profiles or CSV import
  5. Test your email notifications


First, navigate to the Customer Notifications Section. The Notifications Settings should be the first tab you see.

Enter the name you want your customers to see when they receive a customer notification email from you. Typically, this name will be your company name.

Enter the email you want to send the notification from. Note that customers can reply to this email, so you want to ensure this is a valid email address that is monitored by your team in case your customers reach out with questions. By default, this email is set to the address associated with your account, but you can updated with any email you like.

Enter your company name, address and phone number. This will appear in the footer of your email and is required for email compliance regulations, such as CAN-SPAM and CASL. Your emails will also include an unsubscribe link. Read more on how we handle unsubscribes here.


Next, navigate to the Email Templates tab. You will see four different email notifications: Planned Delivery, Out for Delivery, After Delivery, and Cancelled Delivery. Turn on the email(s) you would like to send to your customers. 

Planned Delivery - Planned ETA and Updated ETA

This email lets your customers know the Planned ETA of their delivery. This template also has an additional setting for an Updated ETA which is triggered if you re-route one of your drivers and they no longer will be able to make the original time window.

By default, this template is turned on with a 1 hour time window. This means if we estimate your delivery will arrive at 10am, we will notify your customer to expect your driver between 9:30am-10:30am.

Additionally, before you publish your routes, you will see how many drivers and customers will receive notifications. 

Out for Delivery 

This email lets your customers know when the driver is actually on their way. By default, this email uses a 30min time window and will be triggered whenever a driver marks a proceeding stop as complete in the Driver App. Any customer within the time window (ie. 30min) will receive the Out fo Delivery notification. Customers will only receive this notification only once. 

After Delivery - Completed Delivery and Skipped Delivery

Let your customers know when their delivery has been dropped off. If for any reason your driver was unable to complete the delivery, this template has an additional setting for Skipped Delivery. The email is triggered when your driver marks the delivery as complete or skipped in the Driver App. 

Cancelled Delivery

This email lets customers know when you have cancelled or unscheduled their delivery.


Customize your notification emails by clicking the “Edit” button for any of the templates on the Notification Templates tab or by clicking the email template name in the left-hand menu.

Email Subject

You can customize the email subject of your notification. We recommend you keep it short and make sure it clearly communicates what the recipient should expect in the message. 

Email Body Copy

You can customize the email body copy to include pertinent information like a customer support phone numbers or a special promotion. 


If you choose to customize the body copy of your email templates, be sure keep the variables (ie. {eta_window}, {date}, etc). Otherwise, your customer won’t have a customized email that lets them know when their particular delivery is on its way or completed. 

For example, if you remove the {eta_window} variable from Planned ETA email template (or simply write ‘eta_delivery’ without the parentheses), but keep the {date} variable, your recipients will just receive an email that says the delivery is coming on a specific date without any indication of when they should expect it.

Email Banner

This banner is not customizable at this time.

Time Windows

You can update the the Planned Delivery ETA  and Out for Delivery time windows. See email descriptions in the section above for more details or read Automated Email Notification Triggers.


For Customer Notifications to be sent, you must add the email of the person you would like to receive the status updates of deliveries.

You can do this either by manually adding the email to your Customer Profiles or by adding it to your CSV upload.


To test your email notifications, create a dummy route in your Routific account and flow through the full process of dispatching the route to the driver app and making the delivery.

  1. Enable and customize your Customer Notifications Settings and Emails using the instructions above.
  2. Add a test Customer Profile that includes an email address.
  3. Plan a route using at least two test addresses that connect to the Customer Profile you just created.
  4. Publish the route.
  5. The Planned Delivery Email should be automatically sent.
  6. Re-route your route so that the test delivery won’t be delivered within the original time window.
  7. The Updated ETA Email should be automatically sent.
  8. Dispatch the Driver App to your mobile phone or copy the Driver App URL to your desktop browser.
  9. In the Driver App, mark the first delivery as complete.
  10. The Completed Delivery Email should be automatically sent.
  11. So long as the next delivery falls within the Time Window you set in the Out for Delivery template, the Out for Delivery Email should be automatically sent.
  12. In the Driver App, mark the delivery as skipped.
  13. The Skipped Delivery Email should be automatically sent.

That’s it! Your Customer Notifications are all set for your next delivery route.


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