What you can do with Customer Profiles:

  • Save recurring customers in Routific
  • Store a master list of customers in Routific
  • Keep delivery-related information in one place
  • Retrieve customer information at any time
  • Avoid manual CSV uploads
  • Search, filter, select customers with one click
  • Unlimited storage

Where can I find Customer Profiles?

Navigate to the left of your dashboard and click on the second icon. When you hover, you should see that this icon is labelled ‘Customer Profiles.’

How do I add new customers?

To add a single customer, navigate to the top-right of your screen and click on the button ‘Add Customer.’

To add multiple customers, navigate to the top-right of your screen and click on ‘Upload Multiple Customers’.

How do I search for a Customer Profile?

Click on the search box at the top of the page. At least 3 characters are required to perform a search.

How do I select and view only certain customers?

  1. Click the white check box next to each customer OR Perform a search
  2. Click ‘Show Selected Customers’ to view only the customers you selected or searched

How do I adjust what customer properties are visible in Customer Profiles?

Navigate to the far-right of your screen and click the image of a funnel. Choose which customer properties you want visible. 

How do I delete a Customer Profile?

To delete one customer at a time: Click any customer profile. Click ‘Delete Customer’.

To bulk delete: Select the customer profiles you want to delete by clicking the boxes beside their name. Then, click ‘Delete Selected Customers’ near the top-right.

How do I update a Customer Profile?

Click the Customer Profile you want to update. Input new information and click the blue ‘Save’ button on the bottom-right.

How do I create a route from Customer Profiles?

Select the customers you want to add to your route. Click the blue button that says ‘Start New Project’ near the top-right of your dashboard.

How do I add customers into an existing route from Customer Profiles?

Click on the blue '+' sign. You can find it in the Stops tab or on the top of the screen when you've optimized your routes.

Select 'Add from Customer Profiles'

Click on the check boxes next to your customers names.

When you're finished, click the blue button that says 'Add customers' on the bottom-right. And... you're done!

How do I fix invalid addresses?

Check ‘Show invalid customers’ next to the search box at the top of the screen. Click into each customer profile and correct the invalid addresses.

How do I fix multiple addresses?

Click on the green question mark. If the address is incorrect, click on the address and click ‘Update Address’ when you’re done.

Learn more about multiple addresses here: https://academy.routific.com/software/pro-tips/how-do-i-make-sure-addresses-are-correct

More questions? Email support@routific.com

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