How to set up Delivery Tracking Link

Send your customers a link to track their delivery in real time

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When will my delivery arrive?

There's now an intrinsic expectation that if you're getting a delivery, you should be able to see it come to you.

With Routific's delivery tracking link – which can be added either to SMS notifications or email notifications – your customers will see:

  1. The delivery driver approaching their location once the driver is 15 minutes away

  2. Proof-of-delivery if your driver uploads a photo to Routific's Driver App

How do I activate Delivery Tracking Link?

  1. You must first submit a request to opt into this feature. Simply fill out this form to get started. Once you complete the form, it will take 1-2 business days for the feature to be active in your account.

  2. Ensure you have the Customer Notifications add-on included in your plan. If not, go to 'My Account' at the left side of your screen to add Customers Notifications to your plan.

  3. Ensure you and your drivers are using the Routific Driver App – your drivers should download the app off of the App Store or Google Play and you need to switch to the new app under 'My Account' in the Dispatcher View.

  4. Once you've completed steps 1-3, you can set up the Delivery Tracking Link by going to Customer Notifications > Notification Templates > Planned Delivery

  5. From the Planned Delivery notification template, turn on the toggle "Send Tracking Link"

  6. Note that you won't see the link in the notification preview. The link will be automatically added to your 'Planned Delivery' notification when you dispatch your route.

  7. Note that the Delivery Tracking Link can be appended to both notification methods – SMS or email.

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